Retired Clergy Health Plans

VUMPI administers health plans for eligible retired clergy of the Virginia Conference. The eligibility requirements include a minimum of ten years of full time ministry in either Virginia Conference church appointments or Extension Ministry appointments with enrollment in the Conference-sponsored health plans.
Plans made available to eligible retirees are coordinated with Medicare eligibility. Specific plans for retirees who are not yet eligible for Medicare and the program for Medicare-eligible clergy are described below:

Conference-sponsored health plan for pre-Medicare eligible retirees:

Retirees who are eligible to enroll in the Conference-sponsored retired-clergy health plan but who are not yet eligible to enroll in Medicare may enroll in the self-funded PPO Core or PPO Buy-Up plans administered by VUMP. Pre-Medicare eligible retirees may also enroll in the self-funded dental insurance program and the fully insured vision program made available to active clergy.

An overview of the two health plan options appointed to pre-Medicare eligible retired clergy can be found here.

2024 monthly participant contributions can be found here.

Conference-sponsored health plan for Medicare-eligible retirees:​

Retirees who are eligible to enroll in the Conference-sponsored retired clergy health plan and who are also enrolled in Medicare have two options for retiree medical coverage.
The first option is the Group Plan, which is a group Medicare Advantage plan created specifically for Virginia Conference retirees. The Group Plan integrates the retiree’s Medicare benefit and includes prescription drug coverage.
The second option made available to eligible retirees who are enrolled in Medicare is the Connector option. Under the Connector option, Medicare-eligible retirees are able to select any Medicare Supplement plan or Medicare Advantage plan, and any part D prescription drug plan, offered by United Healthcare. The Conference will provide funding through a Retiree Reimbursement Account (“RRA”), and those funds can be used to partially or fully offset the cost of the coverage elected through the Connector option.
2024 monthly participant contributions for the Group Plan and Retiree Reimbursement Account funding for retirees electing coverage through the Connector option can be found here.