Lay Employees Health Plans

While the Conference-sponsored health plans are administered primarily for the benefit of full-time clergy of the Virginia Conference, VUMPI also makes the plans available to churches that would like to sponsor the plans for their full-time lay employees. Please note that a church electing to adopt the Conference-sponsored plans for lay employees must pay at least 60% of the total cost o the health plans elected by its full-time lay employees, with the remainder paid on a pre-tax basis through the employees' payroll.
The 2024 full cost of the health plans can be found here. Lay employees serving Virginia Conference churches that have elected to sponsor the health plans may make plan elections up initial eligibility, and elections may be changed during the open enrollment period held in the fall of each year. An overview of the three health plan options available to eligible lay employees can be found here .

Additional details regarding the health plan options can be found below