Meet your Staff

Nancy Blair, your Benefits Administrator, maintains all clergy pension and benefit service records. She is the clergy participantís advocate and liaison between the conference and Wespath. If you have questions regarding pension, plan compensation worksheets, benefit plan eligibility, retirement, disability, life insurance or survivor benefits, give Nancy a call.

Judy Astrella, your Health Benefits and Billing Administrator, maintains all relevant Health Plan enrollment and status records for covered clergy and lay participants. Judy is the clergy and lay participantís advocate and liaison between VUMPI and its vendors. Judy also manages the billing for these and other products offered through the VUMPI office. Therefore, if you need assistance with your VUMPI bill or using your health, prescription, long-term care and/or dental plans, please give Judy a call.

Trish Hutchinson is VUMPIís Account Manager. Trish handles all the accounting operations for the VUMPI office and with 35+ years of experience in the VUMPI office, she can answer most of your benefit questions if Nancy and/or Judy are not available.

Telephone numbers:
(804) 521-1100 (Local)
1-800-768-6040, ext. 130 (Toll Free)
(804) 521-1177 (Fax)




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