The Health and Wellness Assessment (HWA) Report

The Health and Wellness Assessment was sponsored and funded by Virginia United Methodist Pensions, Inc. It was conducted by Mindy S. Reynolds, MCM, MSN, RN, Wellness Research Consultant, in partial collaboration with an outside Information Technology Consultant (Part I), and the Southeastern Institute of Research, Inc. (Part II).

The following documents are the final versions of the report. If you desire to have a permanent copy of the report, please download and/or print these five documents for your files and delete/discard previous versions. A color printer is strongly recommended for making hard copies.

Permission to use the content of this assessment or any portion thereof should be obtained in writing from: Virginia United Methodist Pensions, Inc., 10330 Staples Mill Road, Glen Allen, Virginia 23060

PART I (one document total)


Theoretical Concepts and Frameworks

Development of the Virginia Conference Wellness Survey


PART II (two documents total)

SIR Executive Summary of The Wellness Survey

SIR Detailed Findings of The Wellness Survey

APPENDICES (two documents total)

Health and Wellness Questionnaire

The Wellness Survey

Open Enrollment
Health Advocate
Personal Contributions
Plan Descriptions
Participant Resources
Participant Forms
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Legal Notices
Benefit Booklets
Self-Care Covenant
Housing Exclusion
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HWA Report
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